The Winesmiths Crafted for Your Glass

  1. Crafted for Your Glass

    The Winesmiths is crafted for you. We’ve made the bold decision to put the ‘box’ before the ‘bottle’, because the cask is perfect for how we want our wine to be enjoyed – by the glass, not by the bottle. It means every glass you pour is fresh and vital, even weeks after popping the stopper; it means a fraction of the carbon footprint of glass; it means quality in this clever little pack is back.

    We took our time creating our Crafted Series, but wine this good is well worth waiting for. The result is four distinct styles which take on the true character of the varieties they represent.

    So pour yourself a glass, sit back and take your time to enjoy it.

  2. Our Wines

    Taking a lifetime of experience and distilling it down to one single, perfect glass isn’t easy, and it’s taken time. But it’s been worth it.

    As a result our, bold Shiraz and delicate Pinot Grigio honestly capture the essence of the varietals that inspired us to create them.

    So as you pour a glass from our range, sit back and take your time enjoying it, savouring not just the flavour but also the occasion that inspired you to pour it in the first place.

  3. Why a Cask?

    The Winesmiths want to give you reason to believe in the cask. It ensures a consistent quality, and the certainty that every glass poured is a true representation of the wine we’ve worked so hard to make.

    It's Clever There’s no wine pack which is more convenient, lightweight or portable. It’s great in your fridge or to take camping.

    Stays Fresh The tap keeps air out keeping your wine fresh for several weeks; from the first glass to the last.

    Value Our wines are exceptional value. Bottle quality in a convenient pack.

    • Fresh
    • Convenient
    • Exceptional Value
  4. Winesmiths and our environment.

    The wine box has only 13% of glass’s carbon footprint.

    The lightweight package is considerably lighter than glass leading to a significant reduction in transport costs and related emissions.

    The box is made from 75% recycled materials and is almost all totally recyclable.

    The Winesmiths box is made from uncoated cardboard, reducing the use of dyes and plastics.

    • 13 % of glass's carbon footprint.
    • 75 % recycled packaging
  5. Contact Us

    Please contact Samuel Smith and Son for more information.

    National Customer Service: 1300 615 072

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