The Winesmiths Crafted for Your Glass

  1. Crafted for Your Glass

    In 1849 a young man with a passion for horticulture by the name of Samuel Smith purchased 30 acres of land in the newly settled township of Angaston, South Australia. He planted a vineyard and an orchard, which grew to bear fruit and his family prospered. Five generations later the elm trees he planted still overlook the original garden.

    Since 1984 Winesmiths casks have provided convenience, quality and great tasting wines for you to enjoy by the glass.

  2. Our Wines

    Today, Winesmiths continues to provide the widest selection of vintage specific varietal wine in two litre cask, ensuring there is a Winesmiths wine to suit every occasion.

    You can be confident that the entire Winesmiths collection is

    100% Australian, 100% Vegan, and 100% Family Owned.

    As you pour a glass from our collection, sit back and take your time enjoying it, savouring not just the flavour but also the occasion that inspired you to pour it in the first place.

  3. Why a Cask?

    The Winesmiths casks are sealed to prolong freshness, even after you have opened the cask. It ensures a consistent quality, and the certainty that every glass poured is a true representation of the wine we've worked so hard to make.

    Winesmiths provide bottle quality wines at exceptional value in convenient, lightweight, portable packs.

    The Winesmiths pack fits neatly in a cupboard or fridge door and are great for enjoying outdoors.

    The air-tight pouring mechanism keeps wine fresher for longer than an open bottle; making sure your wine is in perfect condition from the first glass to the last.

  4. Eco-Friendly

    A cask box has 13% of the carbon footprint of bottled wine and is made from 75% recycled materials.

    The lightweight package is considerably lighter than glass leading to a significant reduction in transport costs and related emissions.

    Being 100% vegan means it is even more paramount for our vineyards to be in the best condition. At Yalumba we are committed to sustainable practices and helping nature with the belief that the healthier and more biodiverse the vineyards are, the better the wines will be. Minimizing human and chemical intervention ensures a balanced and healthy environment for our grapes to grow.


    • International Award of Excellence for Sustainable Winegrowing - 2013
    • International Green Apple GOLD Award, UK - 2011
    • Climate Protection Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency - 2007
    • Greenhouse Challenge Plus Leadership Status - 2005

    Yalumba is a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) - an initiative aiming to increase sustainable packaging; increase recycling; and reduce packaging litter.

  5. Contact Us

    Please contact Samuel Smith & Son for more information.

    National Customer Service: 1300 615 072

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